• AL ISLAH CENTER is one of the pioneers of its type of organizations in the district Mardan, KPK.
  • The organization has more than 10 years of history by now, and is on its track for success.
  • Have a very strong and influential executive committee and well trained staff.
  • Has a good reputation and is a well known organization.
  • Started with a few number of children and has reached a number of 150 in the past years.
  • Has a capacity to accommodate and facilitate up to 500 children in the current building.
  • Have plans to expand its building and other facilities in the near future by the will of Allah SWT.
  • Started in a rented building and has 3,542 square meters (7 kanal) of its own land and has a beautiful building which is outfitted with all the contemporary facilities for the children's boarding.
  • Has local, national and international support of its donors and well wishers.Why-us
  • Local and provincial governments have always supported the organization's cause.
  • Has always made sure that the services being given to the children are of good standard.
  • Has never compromised on the education of their children and the children have also maintained their standards and have won different prizes on national level in the past years.
  • Provides vocational training besides education to the children to make them successful members of the society in the future.
  • Have yearly and quarterly plans of different educational tours in the country besides its curriculum structure.
  • Have plans and a vision to be a strong and cooperative element of the society and serve more causes.
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